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Missouri Drivers License Test Sample Questions


Free Missouri Driver License Test Sample Questions

Welcome to Missouri Driver License Test Sample Questions section. You will be asked 5 sample questions that are very similar to what you will get in the Missouri driving license test. These questions are randomly selected from our MO DMV practice test questions bank. Please select the radio button by the side of the answer choices that you think is correct.

Missouri drivers test questions

Our Missouri drivers license test questions are very similar to Missouri driving test questions from Missouri DMV. Our experts with years of experience with DMV test questions and answers have worked hard to create MO permit test questions bank that is accurate and authentic.

Missouri driving permit test course has the following features:

  • Very similar to Missouri DMV permit test questions
  • Missouri driving permit practice test is available 24*7 from any computer with an internet link.
  • Take Matching Questions test to sharpen your understanding
  • Be confident to pass the MO driving license test on your first attempt.

Good Luck!

# of questions remaining:5 Correct: 0 out of 5
Sample Test :
1.What does this sign mean?
A. 3-way intersection.
B. You are at a Round about
C. There is a Cross road ahead
D. There is a Roundabout ahead



You have the following choices :

Submit -->You can submit after selecting an answer and the test robot will determine your question count and correct answer count at the top of the box. Skip Question -->If you are not sure about an answer, you can skip the mock permit test question and come back to it later.
Check Answer --> You can ask the permit test robot the answer of the question.

Our driving license test questions are state specific. If you register for the Missouri permit practice test, you will get DMV questions specific to Missouri.

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